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Acting Reel 2023

A Collection of scenes from short films I put together. 
(TOP L) Tell Me What to Do       
(TOP R)My Own Mistake
(BOTTOM L) I Know Your Type
(BOTTOM R) Trust Me
Drama Reel
Here is a collection of various roles I've played.
Cop/Detective Reel

This reel is a compilation of the various law enforcement roles I played last year. I often get called in for cops and detectives and I love playing these types of roles. From beat cop to homicide dectective here is a look at some of my work! I even threw in some clips from a Chinese TV show I did last year, it was tons of fun and even funnier when watching yourself dubbed over because my Mandarin is just so awesome. lol

Action Reel


This reel is a mixture of some stuff from my other reels but is all action based. I use this reel alot to promote my skills as an actor who is athletic and can do action. But I am not a stunt guy, those dudes are beasts! I've been lucky to be able to do alot of choreograph fights,wire stunts, military combat scenes and Im proud member of our action team Far East Action based in Asia. Yeah Yeah Yeah enjoy the fun!

Construction Contractor

These two clips are from when I was playing a construction worker/contractor for a company that makes software for construction workers and projects. The name of the company is called BlueBeam and the software I'm told is quite useful in helping organizing specs of a job. They were a top notch company and I really enjoyed this gig, as I am often cast as a worker I enjoy playing the real thing and doing jobs with drywall, roofing, and framing. 

Working Joe


CBS Studios-Bold and the Beautiful

S30 Ep7485 2016 12 19 

Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 1:11 min

This clip is from a daytime TV show when I was playing Joe the plumber/worker. In the scene I had just finished installing an outdoor shower for the husband as a surprise Christmas gift! Sweet now he can shower with the birds and bees in the backyard! total G! I loved working this scene everyone is very professional, friendly and super fun show to work on. 

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