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Danny Salay-Actor/Host/V.O.
Animal & Nature Lover
Passport Ready

Ht:-6'0" Wt:-205 H:-Brown E:-Blue


Hi Im an American actor born and raised in Kenmore, NY-U.S.A. who has worked in movies/TV as an actor/host/ V.O. around the world. Im currently working in between Los Angeles and China on TV shows and movies. My most recent and current work in China Im playing Air Security Marshall David Johnson on the Epic Sci-Fi TV Show KunLun, which will air sometime early 2023. I most recently will appear in the FOX NFL Pre-game special commemorating the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins where I play Earl Morrell.

My passion for people, love of acting, and experience in film has brought a wonderful dynamic of world culture and adventure to my acting career and I look forward to the future.

Bookings and casting please contact my manger or email me directly.


MGMT: Guido Grimaldi 980-6450


Agent: Looking for Representation

Check out all the upcoming projects, castings, and  video update





Time Raiders 盗墓笔记               Supporting Lead                       Daniel Lee

DragonBlade    天將雄師           Supporting Lead                       Daniel Lee

A Father from the 80’s 硬汉奶   Lead                                          China/SZ

Coward                                       Lead                                          Gary Zhao

Life Is Beautiful                            Lead                                          Furaha Bayibsa

Ninja D                                         Lead                                          Chuck Vicarro

Backlash                                     Guest                                         David Chameides

Dialogues                                   Guest                                         Owen Land

Kaiser                                          Supporting                                Andrej Iileiev


Miami Dolphins 72’                   Supporting                                 FOX NFL                  

Return To KunLun                     Supporting                                 LuHao GiGi

On Cinema Oscar Special     Supporting                                 Tim Heidecker

Betrayed                                   Lead                                            ALL3MEDIA

American Women                  Guest                                           Warner Bros

People Magazine                    Lead                                             I.D.

Deep Undercover                   Lead                                            Escape TV

Bold and the Beautiful           Guest                                          CBS

Mr. Nice 尼斯先生                     Guest                                          Chinese TV drama

You Chai 你柴                          Supporting                                 Chinese TV drama

The Big Mike Show                  Supporting                                 Pilot

Eaten Alive                               Lead                                           Animal Planet

The Jackie Mitchell Story        Lead                                           Red Line films

Spec Ops: Son Tay                  Supporting Lead                      John Milius

Nine Inch Nails Video              Lead                                          Jesse Trott


BERG Studios-Currently                                                            Gregory Berg

Meisner, Scene Study                                                               Joanne Baron/D.W.Brown (LA)

Improv-Currently                                                                      LA Comedy Connection


Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Choreo-Fights,

Firearms (pistol- rifles), Wire work, Football, Boxing, Martial Arts-Kung Fu, Track & Field


US Peace Corps volunteer-(ZAMBIA)


NCAA College Baseball Champion 1999


*Some credits are in Chinese I worked in movies/TV in China 7 years-can speak Mandarin

*Member Of Conservation Comedy Sketch Comedy Team & LA Comedy Connection


2010 - present
2010 - present
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