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Hi Im an American actor born and raised in Kenmore, NY-U.S.A. who has worked in movies/TV as an actor/host/ V.O. around the world. Im currently working in between Los Angeles and China on TV shows and movies. My most recent and current work in China Im playing Air Security Marshall David Johnson on the Epic Sci-Fi TV Show KunLun, which will air sometime early 2019. I most recently appeared on the Paramount Channel's new hit show American Women. 

My passion for people, love of acting, and experience in film has brought a wonderful dynamic of world culture and adventure to my acting career and I look forward to the future.

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MGMT: Sasha Nazar 310-956-7501


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Ht:-6'0" Wt:-205 H:-Brown E:-Blue


Animal Handling, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Bowling, Boxing, ChreoFights, Firearms(pistol+rifle), Wire work, Football, Martial Arts, Mountain Biking, Puppets, Rollerblading, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, and Wrestling.-US Peace Corps volunteer-College Baseball Champion 1999

2010 - present

Animus                                 Ken Williams                            Brandon Scharping

Dead Air                                Officer John Babyk                  Carmen Pelegrino

Life Is Beautiful                     Sergant Johnson                      Furaha Bayibsa

The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记      Captin D                                     Daniel Lee

DragonBlade   天將雄師        Dessamiss                                 Daniel Lee

A Father from the 80’s 硬汉奶爸 San Shou                              China/SZ

Boderline                                Alien Leader                             Bey Logan

Ninja D                                   Ninja D                                     Chuck Vicarro

Blacklash                                 Sgt.Little                                 David Chameides

Dialogues                                Kurt James                              Owen Land

Kasier                                      Lhabus                                    Andrej iileiev

2010 - present

Bold and the Beautiful           Joe Plummer                            CBS

Mr. Nice 尼斯先生                 Jimmy Banks                           Chinese TV drama

Judge Karen                            Vincent Jackson                      Sony Pic TV

You Chai 你柴                                    Detective Pierre                      Chinese TV drama

The Big Mike Show                Danny Moretti                                    Pilot

Operation Depot                     Nick Johnson                          Tru TV

Eaten Alive                             Officer            Nicko                         Animal Planet

The Jackie Mitchell Story       Lou Gehrig                              Red Line films

Spec Ops: Son Tay                  Srgt. Jacovenko                       John Milius

Nine Inch Nails Video            Skinhead Nazi                         Jesse Trott


Sex in Manhattan                    Daniel, Alex, Priest                 Hollywood Fight Club

I am Technology                     Anti-Virus King                      Dream Circus Theater

Training & Workshops

Casting Director Workshops                                                    Your Studio Productions

Meisner Tech.                                                                          Joanne Baron/D.W.Brown(L.A.)

Acting, Scene Study, Improv                                                 Arthur Mendoza (A.C.T.) Theater

Stage Combat/Kung-Fu (M.A.)                                              ShangHai Sports University

Animation V.O.                                                                      The Famous Radio Ranch