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Making Movies Around The World

This is my very first blog entry.. please excuse me for i dont take myself serious when it comes to writitng, and because ive never done this before im not sure how its going to read. But i will say that i enjoy telling stories and chatting so ill just do my best to just write about a story that a would normally just tell you, just expect alot of grammar mistakes and sentences that are quite irrevalant to the story. Whew.. now that ive already asked for forgiveness on my awful writing, let me offially rebegin this blog.

This is my story about how i travel the world as an actor showing the world what its like to make movies. I know because i live and work in Hollywood and I know what its like to be on big big productions of blockbuster movies, and i also know what its like to work on low, low or no budget student films/Indie films. So my experience is rather extensive, but one thing about all these experiences have brought me to this blog, and that is the love i have for movies! I know people love movies also, but for me i wanted to share all the amazing people that work in movies, and all the other places movies are made. I bet most people think that movies are made in Hollywood, NY or London, and yes this is true but so many other places around the world are making movies! and so many great places have amazing actors, directors and unbelieveable people working behind the scences to creat a movie. Often times we are fascinated on only the actor, or the director, or producer, but in fact there so many people working on movies, and so many cool places putting together some amazing stuff. So I packed up my bags and traveled over to China to try and pursue and broaden my acting careear to work in a foreign market. I had a crazy idea that i could travel to China and be the bad guy in Chinese martial arts movies! Now i have had alittle kung-fu training prior to coming to China, but i also was an athlete in college so I knew that i could learn some more when i arrived. And although i didnt speak 1 word of Chinese I knew it would be an adventure no matter what, so I packed up and flew on over. Another strong factor of coming here was my determination to work alongside the worlds most popluar movie star and one of my favorite actors, Jackie Chan-click here to read all about this adventure

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